Too many vitamins and minerals? Side effects

Too many vitamins and minerals? Side effects

In an age when stress, pollution and poor lifestyle break the body of energy and nutrients and predispose it to various diseases, we are increasingly concerned about eating as many foods with vitamins and minerals and administering food supplements. , to protect our health. The whole family is on a complete "diet" of vitaminization, without even knowing whether or not it really needs them! Overdose with such organic chemicals can have a disastrous effect on health!

Find out what happens in your body when you take too many vitamins or minerals!

Vitamins and minerals are essential for health. The body uses them to strengthen bones, nourish cells and regenerate tissues, that is to protect health. Without a sufficient supply of vitamins and minerals in the body, you risk suffering from malnutrition. But there is also the risk of supplying the body with too many such nutrients, through nutrition and the administration of supplements, with the risk of oversampling or overdose.

Side effects of excess vitamins on the body

In each body there are several types of vitamins and minerals, in different quantities. The symptoms of overdose differ depending on the type of hypervitaminosis, as follows:

Abdominal cramps and diarrhea

In general, excess vitamin C is manifested by abdominal cramps and severe diarrhea.

Even though it is one of the essential vitamins for strengthening the immune system and protecting against common diseases, such as respiratory and other infections, it should be administered with caution and taken only when the body needs it.

If you take vitamin C when the immune system is trying to fight a cold, it helps the body cope with germs and protect it against the disease. But if you take it in the absence of this need, it causes the appearance of these unpleasant symptoms.

Damage to the liver

Damage to the liver is a serious side effect, which occurs especially as a result of hypervitaminosis A in the body.

Vitamin A is essential for skin health, but when you give the body high doses of it, it becomes toxic and attacks the liver.

Cold and flu

It is hard to believe that vitamins and minerals could help trigger colds when they are designed and administered precisely to protect the body from them. It is true, but if there is too much iron in the body, there is a risk that the absorption of zinc and other vitamins essential for health will be impeded, and the immune system will become vulnerable to infections of any kind.

Stomach ulcer

Stomach ulcer is another side effect of excess vitamins in the body, especially niacin (B3) and B6.

Unfortunately, the effect is irreversible and the symptoms can be extremely painful. Recovery is exhausting and long lasting.

Kidney stones (kidney stones)

Exaggerated doses of calcium or vitamin C can cause kidney stones. The excess of these vitamins can not be used properly by the body, and at that time stones are deposited and formed, which can be uncomfortable and painful when urinating.

Vitamin and mineral administration, why should you consider it?

When self-administering such supplements, you and your family need to consider a few essential things - the dosages, the types you need and the health.

Be careful, in addition to the supplements you intend to take, your body receives some of the necessary amount of vitamins and minerals and nutrition. You need to consider this when setting the dose.

It is important to do blood tests to determine whether or not you have any vitamin deficiency and what vitamins or minerals you need to consider in order to take them. In addition, your body or other family members may not even need such supplements.

It is also important to seek the advice of the doctor regarding the required dose of vitamins you should take. It will be adapted to your overall diet.

How do you take care not to overdose your body with vitamins and minerals? How do you take food supplements? Tell us your opinions in the comments section below!