First steps in art: Workshop for children 4-6 years

First steps in art: Workshop for children 4-6 years

Structured like the education and plastic technique courses in art schools, this workshop was designed and adapted especially for children between 4 and 6 years old, preschoolers.

Each workshop will be another visual experience, a new encounter with a material or an artistic technique that in kindergarten or in school they do not have the time or opportunity to experience, learning with the reader how to improvise, how to be spontaneous and how to they use their imagination, expressing themselves in an artistic way as personal as possible.

Reader: Teodora Varzaru
Start date: September 7, 2012
Course time: 6:30 pm
Number of workshops: 5
Frequency: weekly, Friday
Minimum age: 4 years
Maximum Age: 6 years
Cost: 225 RON (includes working materials)
Low cost (loyalty card): 200 RON (loyalty card)
Location: Stefan Mihaileanu school of arts and manners no 28 B, ap 2, intercom 2, area Popa Soare Church
Maximum number of persons: 14

Workshop 1 - the universe of forms

Learning some basic drawing and painting techniques;
Point, line, shape and proportion - Familiarize children with the expressive valences of the line and the complex forms that can be created from the lines;
Discovering the surrounding world through the forms drawn and painted;

Workshop 2 - nature and the world around me

Exploring some advanced techniques of painting and drawing - harmony of forms, chromatic accents and center of interest;
Building and balancing the elements of a composition;
Fingerprint technique.

Workshop 3 - the world of those who do not speak

The world in two dimensions and the world in three dimensions - volume and flat relief;
Learning some techniques specific to modeling in clay;
The composition and harmony of the forms built by modeling;
Exercise manual skills and educate perception in space.

Workshop 4 - the imagination exercise

Exercise of imagination on a theme of your choice;
Familiarity with the three dimensions by molding a form of air-drying molding paste;
Decorating the work realized with the help of the painting techniques learned during the previous workshops.

Workshop 5 - the mystery of hidden forms

Collage technique;
The composition in two and three dimensions - combining painting and drawing techniques with the technique of collage and modeling;
Making a painting of dried plants and seeds using this technique
Each session lasts one hour.

Image source: painting by child artist Hamzah Marbella, Philippines

Source: School of Arts and Crafts

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