Education. How to prepare for the first day of school for your child!

Education. How to prepare for the first day of school for your child!

School starts! Your emotions are starting to grow. As a mother, you live the start of school as intensely as your child. No matter the age of the child, emotions are great!

Find out how to master your own emotions and how to help your child feel as comfortable as possible at the beginning of the school year!

The little one will step into an unknown world, with big demands, so it's normal and natural to worry about him. In addition, if your child will make the transition from kindergarten to school, it will not be done in a week, two, so you need to prepare your child for what will happen next.

Here are some tips for coping with the emotions of the first day of school in your child's life!

- It is normal to feel depressed or worried on the first day of school. Your child needs to know that the emotions they are trying for are natural. Talk to him and tell him that everything will be fine, the fact that he knows you next to him will calm him.

- Talk to your child about school whenever the opportunity arises. It is not long before the beginning of school and the child must be familiar with the atmosphere. Emotional training is very important, especially for those who go to school for the first time. They should be encouraged to ask questions, to be curious and open to new.

- Transform the day you buy school supplies into a fun time. Show him more feather patterns and backpacks and let him choose the objects he likes. It does the same with books and books. Do not choose standard cardboard covers, which are annoying and boring. Orient yourself to colored or printed covers, which have a strong visual impact and motivate the child in a positive way.

- Do a "general rehearsal" before the first day of school. If the little one is worried, I can wake him up early in the morning, to repeat the whole ritual, from wearing the uniform to going to school.

- Serve him a packet for home schooling, especially if he's never used to packing food. Ask him what he would like to eat with colleagues, put everything in a special sandwich box, and encourage him to open it himself. You can do this also during a walk in the park. You can put 1-2 sandwiches in the package, along with wet towels or hand sanitizer and "simulate" lunch time at school.

- Establish the new program with the small one. Surprisingly, children like the rules and organization. Before you start writing, discuss with your child the need to change your daily schedule and implement a clear sleep routine.

- Organize a play meeting with his new colleagues, if you know them. Some of them are sure neighbors, so do not spoil it to raise more, children and parents, to socialize and get to know you better.

How do you manage your school-related anxiety? What advice can you give to moms who have children for the first time at school? Write us your opinion in the comment box below!

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