My baby pees on it!

My baby pees on it!


- I have a child of 4 years and 4 months. As a child, it was a little slower in terms of activities such as: the state in the fundulet, the walking. To speak he spoke very quickly, it is clever, singing from 3 years (this year he took the third prize at the Mamaia Children). But pee on him at night. He is aware that it is not good. He tells me not to forget to wake him up often to pee. And so I do. I wake him up every 3 hours; sometimes the scap. But he also does kindergarten at lunch (sometimes often). I am terribly tired, my teacher is very embarrassed: they asked me for pampers, but he does not want to take them - it is shameful. I did urine tests. They came out OK. Please heartily answer me. Don't ignore me, please. What to do? With much respect Dana


It is time to start treating the problem, it would be best to

It is time to start treating the problem, it would be best
try a homeopathic treatment.
Other possibilities would be: psychotherapy,
psychotropic treatments, the purchase of a special device (but I have not
never seen in Romania) which consists of a ringer coupled to a moisture sensor placed on the bed.
Whenever the child goes to bed, the respective drone roars with annoyance, and over time the child makes less pisses so that he does not hear that roar.
Health wishes you,
dr. Mihnea DRAGOMIR
specialist in family medicine

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