The Zermati regime

The Zermati regime

The Zermati diet follows the principle of knowing the nutritional and psychological needs of the body and is a diet plan for keeping fit, rather than for weight loss itself. The regime wants to be as permissive as possible and based on intuitive feeding. The Zermati diet brings a new perspective in the field of dietary diets, based first of all on the psychological dimension of a balanced and healthy diet.

What is the Zermati regime based on?

The Zermati diet bears the name of a nutritionist doctor, Jean Philippe Zermati, and was created in collaboration with a psychiatrist.

In addition to the dietary plan specific to a diet, the nutritionist has also taken into account the psychological side involved in such an approach. He has found over time that people who eat different diets are more stressed, tired and frustrated during their lives and are prone to risk behaviors or disorders such as bulimia or anorexia, two of the most dangerous eating disorders.

Noticing these dietary consequences, the nutritionist turned to a psychiatrist, Gerard Apfelbaum, and asked for his help to create a diet and an effective way to help people stay fit. The psychiatrist is known as a combatant of restrictive diets that deprive the body of all kinds of nutrients, essential for the body.

The Zermati regime is very much based on knowing its own body and its needs. According to the nutritionist, each person has a morphological weight since birth, which, once it reaches a certain threshold, stagnates and, whatever you do, you can no longer lose weight.

Here comes a mistake many dieters make - they manage to lose weight up to a certain weight and then can't drop even 100 grams. Therefore, they subject their bodies to restrictive and dangerous diets, with the intention of losing weight, without understanding that this is their morphological weight and that, whatever they do, they will not manage to lose weight.

According to the specialists, when you want to lose weight, you must aim for your ideal weight, not the one you want.

How does the Zermati regime keep you in shape?

The diet does not consist of a strict eating plan, programmed on days and quantities of food. The specialists who created it maintain that a careful knowledge of the nutritional, but also psychological, needs of the body will help you to provide the body that needs it and to avoid the temptations that fatten.

Each body needs a certain number of calories daily that it will get through less food, but more calories, or more, but more nutritionally balanced from this point of view. So, in the end, the body will still reach the calorie threshold with which it is used.

The most important thing is to learn how to differentiate between "I'm hungry" and "I'm hungry". The first is related to your physiological needs and you have to follow them, while the second is a trick. It is a false sensation of hunger, which appears on the nervous background or fatigue. It is important to learn to avoid this trap, if you do not want to get fat.

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