What does your child's name say about you?

What does your child's name say about you?

Choosing the name for your child is a very important decision. Ultimately, it is a choice for his entire life. According to Laura Wattenberg, author of the volume "The Baby Name Wizard", children's names more closely reflect the personality of their parents. In this capacity, you make a decision that he cannot make, and this choice says a lot about your way of being.

As your child grows up, this name will become very representative of him. People draw conclusions based on the names of others, precisely because many believe that this is reflected in the personality of those who wear them.

So how do you make a wise choice about your child's name? To do this, you need to put yourself in his place and imagine how you would feel with such a name and how those around you will react when they meet your child.

But here's what your child's name says about you and your personality!

1. If you choose an unusual name, you like to be the center of attention

In recent years, more and more parents choose names that are strangest to their children, names that will never become very popular precisely because they are either difficult to pronounce or to remember, or because they sound weird.

The more they are used to it, the better - and this trend is followed by celebrities. If in the past parents chose the name for their children so that they could integrate through their prism, the parents of the present generation want their descendants to stand out.

Those who choose such names will, on the one hand, show that they are creative and, on the other hand, draw attention to them and thus put themselves under the direct light of the reflectors.

At the same time, in the same situation one can find the parents who had themselves some common names and who had to highlight themselves through other aspects of identity than that of the name.

2. If you choose an old fashion name, you are a conservative person

Choosing an old fashion name is not a boring option, on the contrary, more and more parents are opting for classic names when it comes to their children.

In such cases, the rule of the 3 generations works wonders: if the parents find their name quite common and boring and their parents seem outdated, those of their grandparents might seem very authentic and cool.

They are not invented, but even the world is used to them, so they become modern in a very safe and safe manner.

3. If you choose creative writing, you are very daring

Many parents choose traditional names, but feel the need to emphasize their writing. Thus it is ensured that their descendants will be perceived as special from the beginning of their lives.

Doubled or replaced vowels with others that sound alike, mute hs or replacing letter i with letter y are approaches by which parents demonstrate that they dare to be different.

This tendency is preferred by many because the parents make sure that they will give their children special names, but that the other children cannot mock or turn into nicknames easily.

4. If you choose a family name, you are sentimental

Some parents choose to baptize their children according to their siblings, favorite aunts, grandparents or other close relatives whom they cherish. Those who do so choose that there is a story of soul and family behind the names of their children. Such parents are sentimental and want to keep and carry on the names of their loved ones in this way.

5. If you choose the name of an idol, seek the approval of others

If in order to baptize your child you have been inspired by your favorite movie, favorite book or even by the name of one of the actors or singers you like, what you are trying to do with this choice is to get the approval of those around you. This may mean that your confidence in your own strengths is quite low and that you need to stick to such benchmarks to try to integrate.

What kind of name did you choose for your child? What kind of parent are you? We look forward to your suggestions in the comments section below!

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