Prevention of osteoporosis

Prevention of osteoporosis

Osteoporosis is a disease characterized by loss of bone density. It affects women in general and it settles against the background of calcium deficiency, of the advanced age, but also of other predisposing factors.

Although until recently it was considered a condition that appears, inevitably, with aging, doctors claim that osteoporosis is a condition that can be prevented by a few simple and common sense measures!

Adopt a healthy diet rich in calcium!

Calcium, vitamin D and proteins are the main dietary nutrients that contribute to strengthening the bone system and preventing osteoporosis at maturity. Foods that contribute most to reducing the risk of osteoporosis include:

- dairy products;

- soy (the second food as important in the prevention of the disease);

- green vegetables;

- oilseeds;

- foods fortified with calcium and vitamin D (juices, milk, cereals, etc.)

These are food categories with high content of nutrients essential for bone health, but the diet can also be designed from other types of healthy foods - fruits, fish, whole grains, etc.

Do sports as often as possible!

Adopting a regular daily or weekly exercise program is one of the tricks that keep osteoporosis away from the health of your bones. According to doctors, the sport prevents the loss of bone density.

Physical movement strengthens your bones, improves your body posture and flexibility, preventing the risk of fractures and other bone traumas.

Get supplements with vitamins and minerals!

If the doctor finds out, after analyzing them, that you have calcium deficiencies or that you do not provide the body with enough nutrients essential for bone health, he will prescribe dietary supplements, which you will have to take for periods of time. show.

Doctors will prescribe calcium supplements especially for people at risk: menopausal women, the elderly, those who suffer from high vitamin deficiencies, etc.

Adopt a healthy lifestyle!

In addition to eating and sports, there are several lifestyle-related measures that can help prevent osteoporosis. Quitting smoking and alcohol, limiting daily coffee consumption and combating depression are prophylactic measures against osteoporosis.

Try to have a more relaxed lifestyle, free of stress factors and to resort to relaxation techniques that restore your well-being quickly.

Periodically test your bone density!

Bone density tests are generally recommended for women over 65 years of age. But after the installation of menopause it is advisable that such tests be taken into account.

This analysis is also recommended and if you are young, you have not entered the menopause, but the doctor considers that this measure is necessary, based on the results of other investigations.

Do you know of any other measures to prevent osteoporosis? Share them with us in the comment section below!