Is it possible to treat stretch marks?

Is it possible to treat stretch marks?

Whatever women's magazine you buy, you will surely notice that all the models in the pictures have the perfect skin. I think you should know that most women face the problem of stretch marks.

The development of the organism in adolescence may be the main cause. Also, weight gain, weight gain or muscle building exercises cause the appearance of these unsightly stripes.
What can you do about stretch marks?

I think you have to be very patient first. At first, these ruptures of the dermis have a reddish color, while they become discolored. This phenomenon depends a lot on the type of skin, the depth of the lesions and your desire to treat them.

To understand this, think about how a scar develops. Stretch marks are actually small scars that appear due to the fact that the lower layers of the skin develop harder than the upper ones.
In some cases, these thin stripes become discolored after years of their appearance. Their thickness may differ, as well as their depth. Doctors say some creams can speed up their discoloration or make them invisible. It is important to start their treatment shortly after emergence. The oils should be applied three times a day, so it takes a lot of patience and perseverance.
The best solution for stretch marks treatment is the combination of treatments. There are oils and solutions that stimulate the production of collagen from the skin and fortify its layers. The most recommended are the creams that contain vitamin A. At present there are many cosmetic products to help you maintain the suppleness and firmness of your skin but they must be carefully selected.
If stretch marks have recently appeared, we recommend using Mederma, a cream specially created to minimize scarring. The effectiveness of creams depends very much on the ingredients and the type of skin for which they are used, so it is advisable to seek the advice of a dermatologist.
If you do not think that a treatment will help you remove stretch marks then you can only comfort yourself with the idea that almost all women suffer from this problem. But if you want to be in the category of perfect skin, do not hesitate to apply the known methods. A quick way to soften them is tanning oils.

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