When we introduce the apple into the baby's diet

When we introduce the apple into the baby's diet

With diversification, solid foods gradually begin to make their way into your baby's menu. Apple is introduced from the beginning in the feeding of the baby, as it has a low risk of allergies, is easy to digest and very nutritious. Here's everything you need to know about the age at which you can introduce this fruit into the child's diet, how to select and prepare it, but also the meals that fit it best!

When is it fed?

The age at which it is recommended to introduce the apple in the baby's diet differs depending on the preparation of this fruit. If you offer it cooked or baked, it can be introduced in the menu from the beginning of the diversification of the diet, after 6 months. But if you want to serve it in its natural state, without thermal preparation, you must wait until the age of 8 months.

Apple is often the first solid food recommended by doctors to be introduced to the child's menu once food diversification begins. It is usually introduced among the first three solid foods, because it is very well tolerated by the small body.

What vitamins and minerals contains?

Apple is one of the healthiest and most nutritious fruits your baby needs to grow big and healthy. It is rich in fiber, vitamins and minerals essential for growth. Among the most important vitamins contained in fruit, are:

C vitamin;
Vitamin A;
vitamins B1, B2 and B9 (folic acid);
vitamin E.

The minerals contained in the sea also have an essential role in the way the child develops:


How do you choose good apples?

Apple is considered one of the fruits on which many food pesticides are used. The risk of pesticide contamination is high, even through repeated washing. Therefore, specialists recommend that the baby should be offered only assortments of organic or organic nature, because of its highly sensitive digestive system.

Whether you go for organic or normal varieties, it is important to consider some criteria when choosing them for your child's meals:

• the skin should be glossy, colored and without stains or other traces indicating degradation;

• the size of the fruit should be medium or small; large apples break down faster and are suspected of being treated with chemical agents for growth;

• texture to be strong to the touch; do not buy apples that are soft to the touch because they are "past" and have already entered the process of alteration.

Apple puree is also found in the commercialized, pasteurized version. If you want to buy such jars with apple puree, it is important to carefully read the label, so that their composition does not contain chemicals harmful to his health.

If the main preservative of such products is ascorbic acid, you should not worry. The product is good, because ascorbic acid is just another name for vitamin C.

At what tables do you introduce it?

Apple, like any other type of fruit, should be introduced to the meal or snack from the first part of the day - 10am. It is important to give the baby before milk or at some distance from it, to avoid digestive problems, especially indigestion.

How do you prepare and serve it?

Apple can be prepared and served to the baby in a variety of tasty and healthy versions. It is important to remember that, until the age of one year, the baby will not consume the shell from the sea, as it is considered a risk factor for suffocation or suffocation. Until the age of 8 months, apples should be served cooked (cooked, cooked or steamed) in the form of fine mashed potatoes.

Apple juice can be introduced into the child's menu starting with the 6th month and is essential for combating constipation and digestive problems caused by it. Like any parent, you want the baby to benefit from all the nutrients in the apple.

Even if the natural, fresh state is the one that ensures the intact nutritional qualities, the specialists argue that even baking or steaming (in the shell) helps to keep these nutrients essential for the growth and development of the baby.

The raw apple pieces are introduced to the child's diet only after the age of 1 and a half, because of the risk of drowning. The child should be carefully monitored during consumption to avoid unpleasant accidents.

What other foods can you associate with it?

Apple is a versatile fruit that can be associated with many types of food. From fruits, dairy products to cereals, apples can be combined with lots of ingredients and products in the preparations you serve your baby. Among the fruits with which the apple can be combined into mashed potatoes are:

• mango;
• pear.

Milk and apples are not a successful combination in the small menu, but apples with yogurt or cow cheese are considered an excellent mix for the little one. Also, the apple is combined wonderfully with cereals - rice, whole biscuits, etc. However, these combinations are challenged by some nutritionists, who consider them indigestible. However, some children react well to them, so they should not be excluded from your choices.

It is important to keep track of how the baby's body reacts shortly after the drug is administered. If you have diarrhea and have severe abdominal cramps, it is advisable to avoid these combinations and to offer the apple separately or in combination with other fruits, at least 2 hours away from a meal with milk or cereal or 30 minutes before this.

Baby apple recipes

6-7 months
Apple and apricot
Cake cheese with baked apple
Cows cheese with orange and apple
Apple and peach in the oven
Cows cheese with apple and carrot
Cheese with nectarine, pear and apple
Mashed potatoes and apple
Baked apple with cheese
Biscuits with apple, mango and avocado
7-8 months
Apple with pumpkin pie and biscuits
Ripe apple puree with figs
8-9 months
Baked chicken
Gray with apple, pear and pumpkin pie
Apple puree with chicken
Chicken apples
9-10 months
Brown rice with cheese and baked apple
Apple puree, carrot and chicken
Grape apple
10-12 months
Gray with apple, pear and pumpkin pie
After 1 year
Baked apple filled with nuts and honey
Cheese cream with apple and pumpkin
Apple pudding with gray
Apple pie

From what age have you introduced apple to your baby's diet? What spectacular combinations and recipes have you prepared from it for the little one? Share your secrets and recipes, but also the tricks for choosing apples and their way of preparation, in the comments section below!

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