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Breastfeeding in one breast

Breastfeeding in one breast

When breastfeeding your baby, you can have a lot of different and confusing experiences. One of them is the one in which you find that the baby has acquired a preference for one of the breasts and wants to suck just for him, always rejecting the other. It is not abnormal for this to happen, but it is advisable to do everything in your power so that the other breast can "re-enter" the graces of your little one. To be able to breastfeed him on both breasts, you need to find out what causes the baby to refuse to suck on the "renegade" breast and treat them as soon as possible!


What are the reasons why the baby refuses a breast?

If you notice that your baby is constantly refusing one of your breasts when you breastfeed, you must know that there are several reasons why this is happening.

You can figure out the reason that caused the little boy to prefer one breast, depending on when he starts to refuse the other.

If the refusal of one of the breasts appears immediately after the birth, in the first weeks, it is very likely that he will have problems with catching the nipple of that breast. This may be due to anatomic problems of the nipple - it is flat or turned inwards - or incorrect positioning of the breast.

In the situation in which the child has suffered a period in the breast that he now refuses, it may be that at one point a problem appeared in the breast. Either it is a complication of breastfeeding - numbness of the breasts, mastitis, etc., either the lactation is insufficient or the ejection of the milk is affected and the baby fails to suck properly.

And you can influence, without realizing, the child's preference for one of the breasts. If you are used to having the baby frequently in a certain position for breastfeeding (for example, you prefer the left or right side, because it is easier or more comfortable for you), it is possible to put it more often in one breast than in the other and not you realize that the other is not used enough.

Also, the baby may refuse to suck on one of the breasts because of a physical condition that bothers him when he is put in that breast - something hurts and he cannot stay too much in that position, has an ear infection or just he made a vaccine and the position he is putting puts pressure on the painful area.

Breast surgery and breast cancer are possible reasons why the baby may refuse to suck in one of the breasts.

What can you do to breastfeed both breasts?

Doctors recommend breastfeeding the baby on both breasts, but he thinks it is not a problem even if he is fed for one breastfeeding period.

It is advisable to get used to the baby with both breasts, from birth, and to alternate the breasts to a single table, so as to empty them of milk and avoid complications.

Otherwise, try to find out the causes for which the other breast refuses. Go to your doctor for a thorough examination and tell you whether or not you have milk in that breast, whether there is any condition that prevents milk production and ejection, or if the nipples have an anatomical problem.

In case there are no medical or anatomical reasons for the refusal, it is time to use some tricks to get the child to think about the "renegade" breast.

At every meal of the baby, always try to give her the breast that she refuses for the first time. At the beginning of the meal, the child is more hungry and there is less chance to refuse. In addition, it tends to draw stronger nipples, thus stimulating lactation and increasing milk flow.

Specialists claim that as long as the baby receives from a single breast the sufficient amount of milk to provide the necessary nutrients to a meal, there is no problem in letting the baby suck at all times from the preferred breast. It is important to always empty the unused breast, manually or with a milk pump, to avoid the accumulation of milk and the appearance of complications.

Do you know of any cases or did you happen to breastfeed your baby, even for a period, in one breast? What was the cause? Did you manage to make him think and accept the other breast? Tell us your secrets in the comment section below!

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