Miele begins the collection of clothes for needy children

Miele begins the collection of clothes for needy children

The objective of the humanitarian campaign is to collect at least two tons of clothes for children from the placement centers in Bucharest and Ilfov.

Clothes donations can be made in the Miele showroom in Otopeni between June 27 and July 31.

The clothes will be washed, dried and ironed with the help of Miele equipment.

Developed at the initiative of Miele, in partnership with the Romanian Red Cross, the campaign aims to collect at least two tons of clothes between June 27 and July 31 and is addressed to educational institutions (schools and kindergartens), organizations, but also to those who want to participate. to this action. The clothes will be washed, dried and ironed with the help of Miele professional equipment, before being donated to the centers.

Miele has so far addressed parents and teachers in 6 kindergartens and schools, inviting them to offer clothes that are in good condition. In the humanitarian action were registered so far American International School of Bucharest, British School, Kindergarten Ten, Kindergarten Ioanid, Kindergarten Kid Time and Greek School.

"Anyone can come to our headquarters in Otopeni to bring clothes for needy children, not just the educational institutions that have already accepted our invitation. We want to collect at least two tons of clothes by the end of July," said Ioanna Balogianni, Product Manager Miele.

Miele has developed similar campaigns in Greece and Cyprus. In 2011, 7 tons of clothes were collected in the exclusive Miele stores and in the Miele partner home appliance chains, and these were donated to certain churches and NGOs such as "Hamogelo tou Paidiou" ("The Children's Smile"), which supports children and families in need. In April 2012, Miele collaborated for the first time with the Red Cross in Cyprus, managing to collect about three tons of clothes from primary schools in Lefkosia (Cyprus).

"We started in Greece, we continued in Cyprus and, now, we are involved in a similar action in Romania because we want to offer as much help and solidarity to those around us. We understood to do this by sharing our experience. 111 years in the production of washing machines in support of the action carried out by the Romanian Red Cross. The results obtained so far give us hope that in Romania we will be able to involve as many people in this campaign, "said Ioanna Balogianni, Product Manager Miele .

The clothes that Miele will collect in Romania will be donated by the Romanian Red Cross to the children from the placement centers in Bucharest and Ilfov. The first placement center that will receive the donation of clothes will be the Saint Spiridon Center in Sector 4 Bucharest, where 90 children between the ages of 7 and 18 are institutionalized.

"We were delighted by Miele's civic initiative and we believe that the involvement of private companies in the community has a significant role for people's lives. We thank our partners for the social responsibility gesture they prove and we hope that this project will help with clothes as many as possible. older children from the placement centers in the capital, "said Ioan Silviu Lefter, general manager of the Romanian Red Cross.

The clothes collected in the Miele showroom will be washed, dried and ironed with Miele professional cleaning devices and solutions by the Euroservice Technology ecological cleaning, equipped with Miele appliances.

Miele produced, in 1901, the first washing machine in the world with a wooden basin for household use, which he named Hera. Since then, Miele has continued to innovate constantly in this segment through its products, such as the unique honeycomb-type bowl, along with complete clothing care and maintenance solutions, being the only company providing a complete washing system, from automatic machines. for washing clothes, dryers with drums, ironing calenders and a wide range of detergents and cleaning products for washing machines.

"We want to put all this experience we have, as well as the solutions developed during this time, in support and support of the action of collecting clothes for needy children," said Theofilos Romaios, Sales & Administration Manager Miele Romania.

The involvement of the German company in humanitarian actions will continue through a series of humanitarian initiatives: "This is just the beginning. It is an honor to support those who need our help and we want to continue the action with new actions and in the second part. of the year, "said Theofilos Romaios.