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The 11th commandment: And don't forget to laugh

The 11th commandment: And don't forget to laugh

You are the mother for the first time, everything goes wrong, nothing goes out properly, you do not know what to do, you reach the threshold of despair, you have the feeling that the whole Universe is against you?

I know how it is. I went that route too. And now, looking back, do you know what I think helped me get through everything? Laugh.

The best emotional ventilation is laughter, not crying. The cry discharges you from negative energies, but the laughter fills you with positive energies. So you laugh.

You laugh when you break a bottle, because you think how many glasses the little one will break in his life. You laugh when you realize you have run out of diapers, because you think about what it will be like when the little one forgets their notebooks at home.

You laugh when you think you are ugly and have knees to your knees, because you think about how it will be when the little one comes to school and you will pull him in the morning to wake him up.

You laugh now, because you think about how you will have fun later when you show the little boy pictures when he was young and you were young.

You laugh when you go to the hairdresser and you see yourself in the mirror, because others pay a lot of money to have such curly hair, while you came with him from home. He laughed when the big one cut the little one alone, because now he looks like a sweetheart and yet he didn't take his eye off or cut off his ear.

You laugh when you burn the food, because you always wanted a new pan, don't you? You laughed when you broke your heel, because others had fun when they saw you, why wouldn't you do it?

You laugh, because from too much laughter no one died. Laugh, because you deserve it. You laugh, you laugh better than you do others. Laugh at others, if that's okay with you. Laughter, because laughter has no side effects, does not fatten you and does not hurt the liver.

You laugh, because some things are so serious that we have to laugh at them. You laugh, because you feel so good with a smile on your face ...

Dana Ionescu writes about the humor of life with two children, a cat and a dog on You can also read her articles on the facebook page, and the adventures and travels of the whole family can be viewed on her youtube channel.