Useful tricks to teach your baby to love reading

Useful tricks to teach your baby to love reading

Children's love for reading begins to manifest from the earliest ages. Initially, babies are attracted to books for their images, for the sounds they make specially for them, for the vivid colors and for the new words they read and explain to their parents.

The happiness of sharing with your loved ones what happens to you and what you feel through words is felt by the little ones from the first years of life. If you know how to arouse their curiosity, you can make them love their books more and more as they grow older. Here are some ideas that will be useful to you in this endeavor!

Talk to

The child is accustomed to your voice from the womb and loves to hear you speak, your voice is one of the few things that are known to him and that helps him adapt more quickly to the conditions of the new environment.

Also because of your voice will become more familiar with words and begin to understand them.

Tell him about anything and this way you will arouse his curiosity and make him ask more questions to get more and more information to help him better understand what is going on around him.

Repeat what he says

Children learn as they grow about the power of words and the effects they can have. When you repeat what he says, you will confirm the idea that all spoken words receive reactions and follow. Be his echo and help him discover the fascinating power of communication.

Become a commentator

When you listen to the news, you can tell them about what is happening and you can express their opinion about the events that are being talked about. In this way, you will help him to understand the thread of the story and its connection with other aspects of life which, apparently, are not necessarily from the same cognitive sphere.

Put labels

Name all the things you have around, the parts of your body, the names of the animals that his toys imitate and, in general, everything you see or feel together. This will help you understand the meaning of words and their ability to accurately describe objects, states, feelings.

Look at picture books together

By the age of 6 months, babies can already perceive the shape of things, colors and begin to associate them. Children's books are perfect for tracking such images. Even if your little one seems to have little patience during this time and lose his attention, you must think that every moment spent so will have good consequences and not be upset that you can not focus more at such an age. tender.

Look, look, name

The first printed pages that your child will see will be some simple ones, with large pictures and short or even plain texts. Your role is to explain these images and to associate them with those words that describe them.

Always take a book with you

When you go to the park or walk, you get used to always having a book with you. This way you will be able to fill the time when you do not play and you will inspire them with the idea that reading must always be within reach.

Recite verses and sing them

Music and lyrics also play an important role in making children love language and vocabulary. In addition, poems and songs can be very fun, especially since the child will gradually begin to imitate and learn them.

Give away books

If you give books to your loved ones and your child observes this, he will understand that they can only be an occasion of joy and also a special gift for the people you love. By understanding this, you will love them even more.

Tell him stories before bed

Whether you read them from a book or invent them, bedtime stories play a very important role in attracting children into the reading universe.

In short, this habit will become a true ritual that not only allows you to spend time together, but also helps you to discover both new information and stories.

How did you manage to get your baby to love books? What do you think about our advice? Write us in the comment section below!

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