Mommy Remedies for Pregnancy Grief

Mommy Remedies for Pregnancy Grief

The first trimester of pregnancy is extremely intense and difficult for most women, especially since they are expecting the first child. Morning sicknesses are the first to give them a fork when it comes to physical discomfort.

That is why, those who have already become mothers share with their love and empathy their experiences and the ingenious solutions they have discovered and which have helped them to overcome the most intense moments of the beginning period of pregnancy. So here are some remedies for pregnancy during pregnancy that have had spectacular results for other mothers:

Freeze and consume moisturizing drinks

The drinks that the performance athletes consume do wonders for hydration. These contain plenty of electrolytes, which will help you hydrate in a short time when you can't stand to drink even water. And if you freeze them in special containers for ice cubes, it will be even easier for you to consume them without getting hurt.

Consume carbohydrates

There are times when any scent might seem at least repulsive. Ideally, you should not skip meals, so you can consume odorless and tasteless foods during these times. Pasta, biscuits without salt or sugar and bread they are perfect for such situations and they will calm your hunger without affecting your senses.

Don't stay out of the lemon

It is known that the smell and taste of the lemon cuts nausea. If the smell seems too strong, try to consume water mixed with a few drops of freshly squeezed lemon juice. Do not overdo it however, if you do not want acidity to create other problems.

Decreases food portions

Of course, if you sit in front of a huge platter full of food it is possible to get stuck in front of it and you can't consume anything. It reduces portions and eats more often. Moms who have already gone through this confirm that it is an ideal solution for getting all the energy you need.

Make friends with menthol foods

The same as lemon, mint it also helps to stop the feeling of nausea. Find solutions to slip into the drinks and foods you consume and you will feel much better. Salads, smoothies, fruit juices and even the water works great with the mint flavor and so you could rediscover the pleasure of consuming them.

Avoid cooking or staying next to someone who cooks

The smell of hot oil, spices and spices can activate and intensify your nausea. Therefore, it is better to stay away from the kitchen for a while, even if culinary art is your printer's pleasure. Ask your partner to help you, eat in the city or get used to preparing less flavored foods, whose odor does not cause nausea.

Do everything you can to control your blood sugar

There are days, especially during the first trimester of pregnancy, when you can't eat anything anymore. If the odorless and tasteless preparations seem as repulsive as a curry thai, adjust your blood sugar with something sweet. Of course, it would be ideal not to consume mountains of chocolate, so you can opt for a lighter version, such as fruit jellies. If they are made only of natural ingredients, the better for your health. Keep them handy and slip a bag in strategic places: in the purse, in the car torpedo or in your pockets.

Eat apples when you can't eat anything else

It may seem to you that any food is quite disgusting, but a few slices of apple could relieve both the feeling of nausea and headaches. And you will feel this as soon as you begin to peel it, because the fresh and sour smell will delight your most capricious senses.

Take your time with nice things

The more you think about cracks, the more intense you will feel. Try not to fall into the trap of wasted time and devote yourself to all the activities you enjoy. A good movie, a walk in the park with your best friend or assembling a puzzle will keep you away from bad thoughts and, implicitly, from grief.

What tricks do you know to relieve pregnancy symptoms? Have you used the above remedies? We look forward to your comments in the comment section below!

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