Top 10 girls names in 2015

Top 10 girls names in 2015

Once you find out that you are expecting a child, tens of thousands, perhaps even hundreds, of the right names for the future family member have passed through your mind. The options are many, and the choice of name must be made very carefully because it will put its mark on the child's entire life.

Parents want special names for their little ones, so that in 2015 were very popular modern names, which in the past were less common. In the case of girls, the name palette is very tender, and besides the more exotic names that parents chose for their little girls, the traditional Romanian names were extremely frequent.

Maria, the most popular girl name in Romania

The most popular girl name in 2015 was "Maria", a Romanian name, which remained among the favorites of the parents regardless of the times. The main inspiration for this is the Bible, and the name is an expression of purity and femininity. In fact, he has a correspondent in most countries, being extremely popular worldwide. The English translate it "Mary", the French "Marie", the Jews "Miriam".

It is not surprising that most parents in Romania choose the name "Maria" for their girls because outstanding women in history have borne this name. Maria Antoaneta, Queen Mary of Romania and Marie Curie there are just a few examples of special personalities that bear this name.

Many parents also choose other derivative forms of the name "Maria", such as "Mariuca", "Mari", "Mariana" or the addition "Ana-Maria". A modern form, used more and more often is "Anne-Marie".

In the top of the most popular names from last year we find the name "Elena". Name of Greek origin, he means "the most beautiful of mortals". "Elena from Troy", the woman for whom the Trojan War broke out, is one of the most popular characters in Greek mythology, inspiring parents to choose the name.

Sofia, the newest entry in the top

One of the newest entry names is "Sofia". In Greek, Sofia was the goddess of wisdom, and the Greek word "sophie" means wisdom. It's a name for fashionable girls that more and more parents give their little ones. Very popular is the form "Sophia", more modern and western.

Although considered a relatively new name to us, the name "Sophia" is one of the most popular in the world. He has been in the top rankings with the most used girl names in Germany, Scotland, Austria, Finland, Canada, Mexico and Brazil for years.

"Daria" is also among the most popular names of 2015, being a more modern name, just entered the preferences of Romanians. It comes from the Persian language and means "the one who maintains the good".

"Andreea", "Alexandra", "Ana", other popular options

For years, the name "Andreea" was placed in the first place in the parents' elections and in 2015 it remains in the top of the most common names. Name of Greek origin, "Andreea" is associated with courage and manhood, being worn by strong and baptized women.

"Alexandra" is also one of the most popular names given to girls born last year and a common name in general in our country. It is a name of Greek origin meaning "protectors of the people".

Very common and included in the top of the girls names in 2015 is "Ana". Of Hebrew origin, it comes from "Hannah", and means "to have mercy, to welcome." It is used both singularly and in combination with "Maria".

In the top 10 names given to girls born in 2015 were also found "Antonia" and "Gabriela".

How parents choose the name for their little girls

There are many criteria by which parents choose the name for their little girls. For many of them, it is extremely important that the name be a unique, unique, as well as their child.

But there are other criteria, such as the harmonious joining of the family name or whether the name is one that belonged to grandmother or great-grandfather.

Every year, a tendency of parents to give girls the names of celebrities from the world of film or from the world of sports has been observed. And the characters on the big screens are an inspiration to parents when they think of the name for their little girl. The statistics show that the name given by the parents of the girls was very much influenced by the fashion stars in that year.

The name greatly influences the life of a person. An old Latin proverb says that "nomen est omen", in translation, "the name is destiny". Your child will hear that name dozens of times each day and define its entire existence, so any aspect must be well weighed.

The influence that the name has on the destiny of a person is unquestionable because it is the first business card and the first factor after which the surrounding people form an opinion. There are numerous studies that show that the name is a key element when it comes to forming an opinion about a person.

For example, a 2014 study at the University of Queensland, Australia, shows that people with easier-to-pronounce names and more voices are more credible and convincing. The same study has shown that people with an easy-to-pronounce name are more likely to win elections and are more sympathetic.

Although opinions about choosing a name are shared, some psychologists say that a special name positively influences the life of the child, while others advocate for a common name, at one point they agree. The name of the child should be chosen thinking about the future adult and how he will be presented in a professional environment.

According to the data of the National Institute of Statistics, at the top of the most popular female names in Romania, for years, is "Ana-Maria". The ranking is completed, in order, by "Maria", "Andreea", "Alexandra", "Ioana", "Elena", "Maria Alexandra", "Denisa", "Bianca Maria", "Georgiana".

What name did you choose for your little girl? Is it among the most popular? How did you choose the name for her? Write us in the comment section below!