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22 curiosities about Christmas

22 curiosities about Christmas

Christmas is one of the most important and expected holidays of the year. The decoration of the fir tree, the goodies on the table, the arrival of Santa and the carols that rang out in all parts of the city are the main ingredients of a successful Christmas. Spice up the joy of this holiday with a new tradition. Prepare hot tea or hot chocolate, gather all the children together around the tree and discover together the funniest and most interesting curiosities related to Christmas!

1. In Montreal, Canada, there is an official address of Santa Claus, where he not only receives letters from children, but also responds to them. This address was officially born in 1983, after 9 years, the local post office received a lot of letters dedicated to Santa, and the office staff responded in the name of Santa, not to disappoint the little ones.

2. Did you know that in order to be used as a Christmas tree, a fir tree needs about 10 years to grow?

3. Sending Christmas greetings is a tradition strongly grounded in all corners of the world. The greetings decorated with holiday symbols very well capture the spirit and joy of this holiday. The first Christmas greeting card in the world was printed in 1846, in London.

4. Santa's famous red costume was created by a cartoonist by the name of Thomas Nast, in 1860.

5. Do you think that the celebration of Christmas was banned in England in 1552 by the Puritans? The custom was only resumed in 1660, with the installation of Charles the Second on the throne.

6. If you have ever wondered what the people or the country that had the wonderful idea of ​​decorating the Christmas tree, you know that Germany had this brilliant idea.

7. The most popular carol in the world is not "Silent Night" or "Jingle Bells", as many people consider, but "White Christmas", sung by Bing Crosby. "Silent Night" is still the most played song in the world.

8. The official date of Christmas was first established on December 25, 350 AD, by the Bishop of Rome, Pope Julius I.

9. Red, green and gold are paired with traditional Christmas colors. Green symbolizes life and rebirth, red is associated with the blood of Christ, while gold is considered the symbol of light and wealth. Tradition says that the three shades must be found in the jewelry chosen for the decoration of the Christmas tree.

10. According to tradition, the decoration of the Christmas tree must take place on the night of December 24 and 25. In many countries, it is still considered that Santa is the one who brings the childrens tree.

11. The ornate fir tree must be kept until Saint John, on January 7th, in order for prosperity to abound in the house all year long.

12. You have probably seen that in many areas of the country, the houses are decorated with fir branches. According to tradition, the branches symbolize joy, health and longevity.

13. The Christmas tree light bulbs were invented by Edward Johnson. In 1882, he invented the first electrical installation for fir.

14. It is said that Rudolph's red nose, the reindeer that drives Santa's sleigh, is meant to illuminate the path Mosu travels on Christmas Eve.

15. Santa is a newer version of Santa Nicola. Saint Nicholas was a bishop with great soul, who distributed gifts to the poor children of the village where he lived.

16. It is not yet known exactly how the modern image of Santa Claus appeared, dressed in red, with belly and white beard, but there are at least two variants. In the first version, it seems that the image of the fat old man, with a white beard and a red suit, was inspired by the famous poem "A visit from St. Nicholas", also known as "The night before Christmas", published in 1823. The other variant allocates the merit of this modern image of Santa Claus the most famous cola company in the world.

17. The wedding with which the Christmas tree is decorated and the holiday house is decorated was invented in 1610, in Germany, by an anonymous person. At that time, it was made of pure silver.

18. The specialists made all kinds of calculations and found that if every child in the world would like from Santa Claus a simple chocolate of 100 grams, his sled would weigh around 240 tons and would need more than 1000 reindeer to travel around the world.

19. Although most countries in the world believe that Santa's favorite food is milk with cookies or snacks, some regions have other opinions. For example, the people of Ireland are waiting for Santa with a pint of Guinness beer, the country's traditional drink. In Sweden, the children place rice pudding near the fir tree to celebrate Santa. In other areas of the world, even carrots are left for the reindeer of health. Now we understand why Mosu's tummy is so big, right ?!

20. Despite the fact that on December 25 we celebrate the birth of the Savior Jesus Christ, there is no mention in the Bible to confirm this date. On the contrary, most historians believe that Jesus was actually born in the spring.

21. Santa needs to travel, on the eve of Easter, about 600 million kilometers in order to be able to share the gifts of the children waiting for him all over the world. Santa works 31 hours that night, because it also takes into account the time zone difference.

22. It is said that Santa enters the house to leave gifts for the kind children under the fir tree. But tradition says that, in fact, Mosu 'sneaks into houses on the front door, which must be left unlocked. If you're wondering how to fit through the smallest and narrowest cottages, find out that he has the magical power to turn into an elf, who can slip quickly everywhere, if need be.

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