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Community moms tested Chicco Breast Pump Step Up!

Community moms tested Chicco Breast Pump Step Up!

Community moms tested Chicco Breast Pump Step Up!

Breastfeeding is one of the most beautiful experiences of motherhood, but it is not without some difficulties and inconveniences that most new mothers face. Fortunately, mothers around the world today have a rewarding solution, most of the time, for facilitating breast feeding: breast pump, a practical device, about which the moms in the community have a series of opinions that they shared with us.

Although modern mothers have definitely heard of the breast pump, the latter still seems to be a mysterious object, especially with regard to its use and effectiveness. At the same time, this device remains the best solution for feeding the baby with breast milk, even when you cannot be near your baby.

To help you make an informed choice, we tested the Chicco Step Up Breast Pump, the newest breast pump in the Chicco breastfeeding range. Find out what the moms think from community about this innovative device!

Breast pump with flap and reducer Chicco Step Up New

Recently introduced in the Chicco range of breastfeeding products, Breast pump with flap and reducer Chicco Step Up New It has been designed to increase the comfort of mothers during breast feeding, but also to collect breast milk as quickly and easily as possible.

Among the basic features of the product are:

  • Ergonomic handle;
  • Universal cup (foldable on any type of breast);
  • The possibility of sterilization by any method;
  • Ease of storage and transport, through the small size;
  • The classic and simple design, which makes it easy to handle;
  • It does not contain BPA;
  • The pump body is transformed into a storage container for breast milk, sealed with a lid.

Mum's opinions about Chicco Breast Pump Step Up

Extremely efficient in terms of collecting breast milk and the comfort of mothers, this pump has obtained their approval in terms of quality in a proportion of 91%, being tested both in Italy and in Romania - including by the mothers of the community. Here's what they say after testing the product!

AndreeaBadea: "I had the opportunity to set the speed and the rate of suction, it is easy to transport and use without depending on an electricity source. It is practical, we operated it with one hand, the vacuum is formed easily and effortlessly, and the fact it also has nipple and allows the use also as a bottle ".

Oana.vasile: "Chicco pump is practical, you can easily transport and store it, because of its size. You can use any Chicco bottle for milk collection. Easy to handle due to the classic design, being extremely efficient. We use another pump, but Chicco is different because they can collect the milk directly in the bottle, it can be sterilized both hot and cold. Extraordinarily useful. "

meteleaga: "The cup is very fine, gently massage the breast, extract the milk easily and hygienically for my baby. Now after the Chicco experience I will definitely recommend this pump to moms."

Monamony: "The shape of the silicone cup or the pump body produces a much better vacuum, I like the hard plastic from which the pump shape is made."

ElizaBunny2: "The strengths we have identified are: high suction level, easy to use - with one hand, the vacuum settles very quickly, pleasant to the touch and easy extraction of milk. I felt more delicate, but at the same time efficiency ".

iuliaOlaru: "The soft cup that fits perfectly on the breast, is very easy to use for this reason. I can control the level of intensity of milk collection, the collection container can also be used as a bottle with the included pacifier and is easy to handle with one hand. I have not used any other manual breast pump so far. The one I received for testing will definitely use it. "

Catianis: "Efficient, silent, delicate with the breast (I have no injuries or pain after using it). I did not use another pump, but talking with well-known people, I compared the efficiency and concluded that the Chicco pump is clearly superior to many others. competing products. "

AlexandraPascu: "It is easy to unpack, it cleans well, it is easy to use, it can be used in any conditions, you do not need the outlet as an electric pump. The price lower than an electric pump, helps to break down the channels and an extra point is that in the box you get a nipple and so the jar can easily transform it into a bottle. "

dorothy: "It is compact, easy to use, efficient. An important advantage is that the milk can be collected directly in the bottle. I consider that a breast pump is indispensable in the process of breastfeeding the baby and has benefits for both the mother and the baby. baby. I consider it a useful accessory and an unexpected help for moms. "