5 steps for mother-baby bonding

5 steps for mother-baby bonding

The mother-baby bond is a unique type of attachment, which develops naturally since pregnancy and has some special characteristics. There is no longer such a strong emotional bond or relationship between people, such as that between a mother and a baby. But if it is not constantly consolidated after birth, through continuous communication, breastfeeding, frequent interactions with him or daily evidence of love and affection, the relationship loses its intensity and cools down.

Here are some essential steps to strengthen the mother-baby bond!

Communicate all the time with your baby

In the first phase, it is essential to try to discover and understand what are the communication channels through which you can talk and share emotions and feelings with the little one.

Your baby cannot transmit verbal information to you, but there is a language of his own, which warns you that he is hungry, that he feels bad, that he needs to be changed or that he has bored or needs some warm kisses. to you, to pity him a little.

Crying is the main communication channel through which the child sends messages at this age. But eye contact, grimaces, smiles and other behaviors can betray certain emotions or problems. But crying remains the most important language of the child.

Even if he can't talk and can't venture into conversations, it doesn't mean you shouldn't talk to him. It is essential to take every opportunity to tell him something more, to ask or keep up to date with news. It will respond to you in its own way, through gestures, behaviors, grimaces, etc. In this way, it also contributes to the faster and easier development of the baby's language or speech.

Breastfeed your baby

Breastfeeding is one of the most useful ways to strengthen the emotional relationship between you and your baby. It is a very intimate gesture, which takes place between you and the child and contributes to its emotional development and the establishment of that unique relationship between you.

Your baby feels nowhere better and safer than in your arms, when you smell the smell, so familiar to his belly.

Breastfeeding creates all the conditions necessary for the baby to feel safe and protected and to develop a harmonious relationship with you, the most important being in his life.

It creates a safe and harmonious environment in which to grow

It is important for your baby to feel safe and secure at all times, especially after birth.

The intrauterine environment in which she took life and grew until birth, was for your baby the most familiar, loving and protected place. It is important that the feeling of security and attachment continue even after birth, through increased care for him and his needs.

When he knows that his needs are "listened to" and satisfied, he feels the love and affection of his parents and is helped to explore with great patience and love the environment, unknown and frightening for him, your baby will gain confidence in you, and the relationship between you will it will strengthen beautifully and harmoniously.

It constantly interacts with the baby

Every touch, eye contact, mannerism, smile, play that you initiate with your little one after birth is an extraordinary opportunity to strengthen a close emotional relationship with him. The more frequent these interactions are, the more you will contribute to establishing a strong relationship between yourself and him.

Show him and tell him how much you love him daily

Evidence of affection, as well as emotionally moving statements of love, play an essential role in creating a close relationship with your child after birth.

The most beautiful and long-lasting relationships are based on strong feelings and emotions. Nor is your relationship with the baby an exception and requires intense spiritual "nourishment", by all possible means, to grow "big" and flourishing.

Do not let the day pass without your baby hearing that you love him and do not forget to show him this, through constant hugs, parental kisses, handles, smiles, toys etc.

What do you do to strengthen the affective relationship between you and your baby? Share your secrets in the comment section below!

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