Differences of mentality between generations

Differences of mentality between generations

Differences of mentality between generations are factors that either underlie the consolidation of relations between parents and children, or the outbreak of conflicts or dissensions between them. The system of values ​​your grandparents or parents were referring to differs from the one you have to relate to today, especially if you are a parent. Here's what you need to know about the differences in mentality between generations and how you can use them to raise and educate your child harmoniously!

Essential differences between generations

Each generation is characterized by a set of own values, which differentiates it from previous or future ones. Each brings their own baggage of values ​​and mentality, from which the next generations select only what is of interest to them and then develop new ones that define them.

The value system of each generation is built and influenced by the cultural, political and social context of each era. The first and most impactful difference between generations is that today we live in a technological society and we must live and play according to its rules.

Your parents only had to deal with the internet, and your grandparents probably didn't even know what it meant. It is a progress of the society that marks the evolution of the current generation and makes the difference in mentality between it and the other generations.

Another easy difference to observe is the alienation of traditions of the present generation. If the generation of your parents put more emphasis on habits, today's children are less interested in such landmarks essential to the cultural identity of each individual. And the ways of entertaining and relaxing the children of today differ from those of the past.

The place of confectionery or movie of the past was taken by pubs, bars and night clubs. It is important to understand these differences, not to reject them, and to succeed in teaching the child to deal as well and responsibly with all the risks and dangers he is exposed to.

The education of the child of the modern generation

In modernity, children have the opportunity to grow and develop in an open, free society, rich in opportunities and challenges among the most diverse. Raising the child today based on old values ​​and mindsets means a setback in its development. The child of the present generation cannot be educated in the same style and by the same methods with which you were educated and raised by parents or grandparents.

The educational tools no longer fit the current, modern and very different context from the previous years. He does not have to adapt to your educational methods, probably inspired by those of your parents - the tougher, authoritarian style, focused on the punishment system. These are considered today reminiscent of an outdated mentality.

You are the one who has to adapt to modern times, with everything coming to meet the little ones. It is advisable to adopt a parental democratic style, based on opportunities and opportunities, to expose the child to various new experiences and to have a well-defined system of rules and punishments in his education. These should be the basis of the educational mentality for the new generation.

Did you manage to adapt to the mentality of the generation or do you still adhere to the old ways of thinking of the past generation? Tell us your opinions in the comments section below!

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