The small child's daily bath. Everything you need to know

The small child's daily bath. Everything you need to know

The toddler's daily bath follows other rules than that of a baby. The child has passed the period when he was afraid of water, now he can stand alone in the tub and is able to listen to your instructions. Although many parents have become accustomed or already know what they like and do not like during the bath, there are still some unknowns about the temperature and volume of the water to be bathed, the necessary care products or its position during washing! Here's what you need to know!

The necessary accessories for the small child's daily bath

Most of the accessories you need in your baby's bath kit are also needed at this age (2-4 years). They are essential for the baby's bath to run well, and the little one to be relaxed and happy during the wash. Here's what you shouldn't miss about your baby's bath:

  • 2 towels (one for the face, one for the body);
  • soap or shampoo specially created for children (which does not sting eyes);
  • clean clothes (possibly pajamas, as the daily bath is most often done in the evening);
  • comb;
  • diapers;
  • non-slip rugs of each;
  • baby body lotion / cream;
  • bath thermometer;
  • bath toys;
  • a bath sponge etc.

Volume of water in the tub

Give up the baby's fall when you notice that it becomes unfit for the child or that it is difficult to master it. From the moment he sits in the bed and can keep his balance alone, you can go to the baby's bath in the big tub.

Make sure you place a non-slip mat on its bottom and fill it to a level that does not extend beyond the area of ​​the child's waist, when the child is sitting in it. Do not allow water to flow continuously into the tub throughout the bathing period.

The temperature of the water can change at any time and there is a risk that the little one will melt. In addition, in this way, you cannot control the water level and there is a risk that it will increase greatly, endangering the safety of the child.

Suitable temperature for the small child's bath

The small child does not support the temperature of the bath water as an adult. While it might seem right to you, it might be too cold or too hot for you. Therefore, the use of the bath thermometer is essential to ensure optimum temperature during washing.

The specialists recommend a water temperature between 32 and maximum 38 degrees Celsius, depending on the degree of tolerability of the child. If you do not have a thermometer within reach, test the water with the elbow, where the skin is more sensitive and resembles that of the child, to find out if it is suitable or not. Never try with your fingers or palm, as it is not a good indicator and you could fool yourself.

Essential steps in washing the small child

The child's daily bath meets some essential steps to ensure proper body hygiene. It is not advisable to wash your head every day. Specialists recommend that young children wash their hair about twice a week.

With one hand hold the child well while he is in the bath, and with the other wash it. Even though it has grown, it does not mean that it can be left without any support in the tub. It can slip at any time and, besides the risk of drowning, there is the danger of serious accidents and injuries. Wash it with your free hand, and as it grows, teach it to do it yourself, explaining the essential steps.

It always starts with the face when you make them a bath. Only wash the eyes with clean water, without soap. Otherwise, wash it thoroughly with soap, especially on the neck and behind the ears. Wash it all over the body, but insist on the genital area of ​​the armpits, at the bottom, with a soft sponge, specially created for the sensitive skin of children.

When you wash your head, gently wet your hair with a little water. Put a small amount of shampoo in the palm and then gently massage the scalp with it, and when you rinse it, ask the child to close his eyes, even if using the shampoo formula without tears.

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