The influence of divorce on family members

The influence of divorce on family members

When you end a marriage and get divorced, it affects not only your life, your partner and children, but also the members of your family and relatives around you. Even if the little ones are the main people you think about when you go through such an experience, it is important to be aware of the impact that the legal separation of marriage has on those around you!

Divorce is one of the saddest and most overwhelming events that can occur within a family. Beyond the shock of the news for those around you, the announcement of the divorce has a profound emotional or psychological impact.

I asked for advice Cristinai Calarasanu, psychologist specialized in "Family Psychoanalytic Therapy", and I found out what is the influence that the divorce has on the other members of the family and what are the main experiences that they go through in such a moment.

Changes and confusion

Among the first effects that divorce causes in the family is confusion, says the psychologist. The news will shock most of the family members. They will not understand what is happening and how they got into this situation, especially if they do not receive explanations from you or did not expect this.

The confusion also arises because of the changes that will occur immediately after the separation and will affect the ordinary functioning of the family until then - leaving one of the parents, changing the house, the usual rituals, activities, rhythm, acts, etc.

Feelings of anger

A second immediate effect of divorce among family members is the appearance of anger. Each member will be dominated by anger, even if some of them show more than others. Anger appears against all the changes that are announced with the separation, says the specialist. It can happen that the feeling of anger can create tense disputes or even lead to a breakup among family members.

Feelings of fear

Cristina Calarasanu argues that fear is an effect caused by changes, which will be most felt among close family members - those who lived with you in the house, who were directly involved in your life, etc.

But most of all, the fear will include both partners who decide to end their relationship or marriage. Divorce is automatically perceived as a failure in their life. It is an experience that will influence future relationship models.

Beyond the psychological effects of divorce on family members, there are other social and financial influences. The financial implications of a divorce - home change, self-care, etc. they can be overwhelming.

And the social relations have to suffer, since the announcement of the divorce, the friends will be divided into two camps and you will have to face this pressure. With the departure of the partner, you could lose important people in your life.

Do you think there are other effects of divorce on family members? Which do you think are the most important and how are children affected? Tell us your opinions in the comments section below!

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