Massage and gymnastics of the baby

Massage and gymnastics of the baby

Gymnastics and massage are some of the most fun therapeutic forms, thus making the first steps towards socialization, being a pleasant means of communication and relationship with the baby.

It is undeniable that these two activities positively influence the growth and development of the little one, not only creating feelings of pleasure, warmth or protection.

A daily massage ritual, in addition to helping strengthen the emotional connection with the parent, contributes to the normal neuro-psycho-motor development of the baby.

The benefits of this activity are manifold. Besides the fact that it is a way of relaxation for the child, which makes him feel loved and protected, it helps to strengthen the health, to stimulate the physical and mental growth and development of the child, until the reduction of the child's discomfort. During the massage the baby's digestive system is stimulated, which is especially beneficial when the baby has colic.

Associated with the physical exercises performed in the water, the massage strengthens the muscles, knowing also the effect of the physical exercise on the development of the bone mass, making it able to cope with the subsequent demands.

The child will keep his head upright, will better control his movements and will have a better tone.

Massage and gymnastics in babies help strengthen the immune system of infants, reducing the evolution of some diseases and reducing the unpleasant effects.

The gym and massage program should be completed half an hour before or after breastfeeding, when the baby is alive, but quiet and should last 40-45 minutes, depending on the availability of the baby.

It is important for parents to be as close as possible to their children, giving them affection since birth, and massage is one of the methods by which the child feels the love of those who care for him.

Massage and gymnastics for infants should be taught by all parents during the gestation period or in maternity and indeed, the parents' desire to know as much about these activities is noted.

At the Baby Spa, in the Aviation Wellness Center, the smallest of the babies have hydrotherapy, which comes with a package and a little spoiled. The Water Baby program is aimed at children between 0 and 4 months of age. A session means massage, gymnastics and hydrotherapy. For 50 minutes, in a specially arranged cabinet, the little one will enjoy all the attention and skill of a physical therapist. Massage and gymnastics will move her muscles and strengthen her. The activity is based on the neonatal reflexes of the baby and is a preparatory part to enter the next activity in the pool, after the age of 4 months.

Anca Grecu - Doctor in Physical Education and Sport, General Manager of Aviation Wellness Center