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7 devices that protect the family's health

7 devices that protect the family's health

In a constantly expanding technological world, manufacturers are trying to make your life easier with each product launch and create electronic devices to protect your family's health. From weight scales, pedometers to room humidifiers, ultraviolet water filters and healthy cookers, it's worth completing your collection with such devices to take care of your family daily.

Room humidifier

The room humidifier is an essential device, especially when you have a baby. It provides an optimum level of humidity in the room in which it is placed, especially during the cold seasons, when the heat in the house tends to dry the air in the rooms.

The humidifier is useful not only when the baby is cold and needs it to breathe easier, but it has the ability to greatly improve air quality and to moisturize and protect the skin of all family members.

Steam humidifier (, 145 lei)

Air Purifier

In an atmosphere polluted by all kinds of pollutants, air quality is a concern that many families should consider. If outside you can not control much its quality, then at least in the house you breathe a fresh and clean air.

Some purifiers come with several accessories or functions. For example, you can opt for purifiers that use salt granules for therapeutic and prophylactic purposes. Others are also equipped with aerosols, so that the whole family strengthens their immunity.

DeLonghi air purifier (; 471 lei)

Water sterilizer (antibacterial filter)

The water from the sink becomes less and less safe and safe to consume. Sterilizers or water filters are increasingly sought after devices because they help improve water quality by eliminating germs.

The newest types of such devices use ultraviolet rays to clean and purify water.

Sterilight UV UV sterilizer SC4 - 0.9 mc / h (, 831 lei)

Revolutionary cookers

It is very simple to cook healthy, if you have the tools and equipment necessary to prepare food in the best conditions.

Family health is essential, and in the event that obesity is becoming more and more prevalent among children and not only, healthy cooking is the priority of any family.

Now come the revolutionary cooking appliances - appliances with steam, pans and fryers without oil, etc. These should not be missing from the kitchen of any mother.

Tefal steam cooker (, 119.99 lei)


The thermometer is an electronic device that "hunts" any trace of infection and helps maintain optimal health of any family member.

Fever is a common symptom in children, and state-of-the-art digital thermometers help you make sure that your baby is healthy or that he is being treated in time for any problems by quickly transporting him to the doctor.

Many of them are equipped with several functions and can also be used to measure the temperature of the water in the bath, milk, etc.

Multifunctional thermometer - Tommee Tippee (, 130 lei)

Electronic fitness device

Any sports or fitness lover must have such an electronic device that records all sports performance.

Fitness gadgets are designed to monitor and record the number of calories burned, distance traveled (running, biking, walking, etc.), time, speed and many other essential information to improve and monitor physical activity.

Garmin Edge 200 GPS - for bicycles (, 761 lei)


Every member of the family should wear a pedometer daily as an accessory, in all the roads they have to do.

The pedometer is an electronic device that measures the steps taken during walking and, along with them, the calories burned or the distance traveled throughout the day.

It can be worn anywhere, anytime, because it is small in size and you do not have to necessarily play sports to use it.

The use of the pedometer has caused many users to pay more attention to sports and physical activity in order to preserve health.

Pedometer and fat indicator (, 69 lei)

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