Nettle soup, fasting

Nettle soup, fasting

Nettles help the body to regenerate and detoxify. A nettle broth, can also help you to revive and look fresh. For the little ones, also the consumption of nettles in the diet is indicated.

Preparation time

45 min.




1 kg of nettles

2 strains

2-3 tablespoons of stock for the soup

2 tablespoons of rice

2 tablespoons olive oil


3 l of water

lemon juice

green Lovage

Method of preparation

Clean the nettles, break down the roots and leaves, and then wash them in cold water.

Cut the small nettles and boil them in 3 liters of salted water, add the chopped onion and the rice.

When the nettles are cooked, add the vegetable stock and the olive oil and leave everything to boil.

Finally add lemon juice, chopped greens and taste, adding salt.


You can change the taste of this soup with a tablespoon of shaved horseradish and a few strands of chopped green garlic.

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